February 2, 2007

day 20: ouch.

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the day's events:

the wounds 1the wounds 2the 44 bus pulled up to the intersection of A. Algardi and Quattro Venti just as i was about to cross Q.V. and go to the stop as we were leaving for this morning's field trip. i was at the tail end of the group, so we let the bus go by and then ran across the street to catch it. i cut between two parked cars and hit a patch of gravel. i went down under the one car's trunk and seriously scraped up my hands (palm of my right, back of my left). i'm now sanitized and bandaged and back at the centro, and i can feel the bruise forming on my hip. i'm just glad i was clutching my clipboard and notebook so i didn't do anything stupid like stick out my arm and break my wrist--i just wound up bleeding. i suppose these are the battle scars of living in rome.

...or just being clumsy.
not the best way to start off the day's field trip. i thought i was just scraped and would be fine, and i didn't check out the damage until i got on the bus. if i had looked earlier, i may well have gone back to clean myself up. Nick saw my hands and commented on how much i'd torn them up. as we walked from our stop to Isola Tiberina, our first site of the day, i was on the lookout for public fountains. they never seemed to crop up when you actually needed them. upon arrival at the island i asked Alicen for some water from her nalgene, which at least got most of the grime out of the cuts.

also at Tiber Island were our first site reports, from Tulisha and Victoria. and a police boat. and then we left, checking out the Pons Fabricius on the way. then we hit a lot of across-from-but-not-at-the-forum sites, including the ruins by St. Omobono, the temple of Portunus and the temple of Hercules Victor. then i went home and bandaged myself up. ouch.

p.s. the scrape on the back of my right wrist, despite just scabbing over normally, never fully healed. you can still see a little bit of a scar.