January 19, 2007

day 6: low key

non c'รจ niente foto oggi

i don't really remember any of this stuff, i'll be honest:
thursday was a pretty laid back day. no morning class so everyone got up for lunch. i spent some time reading in the garden before italian class.
that was the first and last time i ever read our lovely city course textbook, the infamous BGT
after class was dinner and then everyone decided what to do for the rest of the evening. i left with one of the early groups, spearheaded by Eli, to go to a bar that does karaoke on thursdays. i mean, after all, what's funnier than a bunch of drunk italians trying to sing along to a bunch of probably american songs? it was a great plan, except we couldn't find the place. we wound up taking a nice long walk down v.le quattro venti and then meandered back thru monte verde semi-lost until we found the Centro again. at that point however, the other groups had already left, so we decided to just chill for a while. they all came back eventually and we had a little party in meg and megans room. they got lucky: they have the only room that's not a tiny little cell. so it lends itself to staying up until 3am talking. at that point we got tired and all headed to bed.
anyone else have anything to add to that? i got nothing. tomorrow was more exciting i promise. [ <-- haha that sentence is great from a linguistics perspective ]

i'm done now, i swear.