January 16, 2007

day 3: (dis)orientation

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modern triumphal arch

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the day's events:

starting with a quote from that old blog: "today was an orientation type day. we got a syllabus rundown of the city course and general rules and regulations. then we took a walk around the Villa Pamphili and the rest of the Monte Verde neighborhood where the Centro is located. whenever one of the professors said 'so do you know where you are now?' my answer to myself was invariably "no i have a terrible sense of direction." the prof in question was Maas, for the record. the one part of the orientation spiel i remember was Franco telling us that we would all gain 10 kilo during the course of the semester and we should prepare for it.

orientation finished before lunch. afternoon was the greek placement test (damn, i forgot that even happened. thank you, old blog, i wish i had kept you better.) as i recall, it destroyed me. i'm pretty sure Sick Nasty (who was at the time not yet Sick Nasty) was the only person who didn't get totally reamed. the evening was occupied mostly by the welcome dinner, in the first floor classroom. that was the first time we ever encountered the Klaassen and Sgariglia children, as i recall. i was also blown away by the food that would become the status quo. damn i miss Pina's cooking.

free wine at that dinner was also a plus.